Spikes and Stims

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A new feature introduced in DLC 2 is the ability to place objects on the ground which benefit all arkhunters near it, as well as the abiilty to use potions on yourself.

Players may carry only one stack of each type of spike, stim, and grenade. Picking up a new consumable will refill your current stack of that consumable, regardless of rarity. If the new consumable is a higher rarity, it will upgrade and replace your current consumables.


  • Previously individual Spikes and Stims were normal drops, but now the only drops are Spike Charges and Stim Charges, obtaining them is done by lockbox or vendors.
  • Players who have purchased Arkbreaker will receive a random spike and stim in their Arkbreaker Stash in their claims section.
  • Spikes and stims can also be purchased from any Supply vendor.


Spikes and Stims will be Green or Blue, Green is the standard effect while Blue will have more of an effect. For example a Blue ammo spike might return more ammo per pulse.


High tech pillars which can be deployed to provide powerful buffs to your allies.

  • Ammo Spike (x, 6% per second)
  • Damage Spike (x, 100% boost)
  • Protection Spike (x, 3 ablative, heals 4% ever sec for 30s)




High tech drugs and nanites which can be injected to boost individual performance.

  • Ablative Armor Stim (x, grants 4)
  • Armor Repair Stim (x, repairs 3)
  • Brawler Stim (x, melee 200%, immunity to shovebacks etc for 45s)
  • Heal Stim (x, 50% shields and 75% health)
  • Power Stim (x, reduces cooldown by 100s)


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