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Hello Ark Hunters!

We are knowing you are waiting for new information and updates for Defiance 2013 and we want to give you some insights into what is currently ongoing.

Event Patch

As you may have recognized, the Midsummer Mutinty Patch did not go live at the desired time. Due to some internal struggles with development, we decided to repurpose this update for the future to concentrate on the Halloween patch Hulker Hell. Now you might ask, why is D2050 getting the Hulker Hell patch but Defiance 2013 does not get it at same time? Unfortunately, we are still wrestling with issues in our new hardware datacenter. There are still a lot of things to fix and one of these is our ability to develop for Defiance 2013. Without complete working internal Tools, we cannot provide you a Patch. Rest assured that we are working on this and will have an update for Hulker Hell out ASAP for Defiance 2013

Py Vendor

The Py Numbra vendor has been missing some stock for some time now. While there is no guaranteed standard rotation for him, this has also been hampered by the internal tool issues we have been having. Starting today you will be able to get Items again from Py Vendor. Our goal is to have regular Updates on Py with a rotation of various Items in the future.

Xbox 360 NA

The server is experiencing latency issues affecting gameplay for a long time now already. This is one of the issues we are still working on, and rest assured it is a top priority. We will be sure to provide any news on this as work continues to progress. Thank you for your understanding during this time and your amazing patience. Rest assured that we will provide compensation for players as soon as the gameplay experience is back to normal to show our appreciation and respect for your patience to stay so long with Defiance.


We want to thank you for your patience during the recent hardware Migration. For two weeks, we will be turning on XP, Score, and Reputation boosts. This will run from Monday, October 14th to Monday, October 28th, except XBox 360 NA (see information above). We will also be sending out some compensation packages to all players who have played in the past few months while this has been going on. Expect to see this compensation in the coming weeks.

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