EGO Rating

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EGO Rating is your characters "level", and affects the amount of perks you can equip as well as weapon power rating and threat level.

Raising EGO Rating

  • Completing Pursuits
  • Raising Skill ranks
  • Filling the experience bar and "leveling up" (until you have unlocked all perks)


  • How many EGO points you can spend on perks and powers on the EGO Grid
  • How far you can upgrade EGO Powers
  • The Weapon Power Rating of any dropped items
  • The Weapon Power Rating of vendor items
  • The Threat Level of any Conflict Sites, Arkfalls or Sieges.

EGO Rating Boost

If you are near an event with a Threat Level higher than your EGO Rating determined Threat Level you will have your EGO Rating boosted to match.

Whatever the difference between their old rating and new rating is then added to the rating of their gear. (So it is wise to keep gear matching your own rating.)

Enemies are boosted to a min rating as well, and that rating is slightly ABOVE the min rating players are boosted to. Also, it varies by level. Between 250 to 500.

Weapon Power Rating

As the Weapon Power Rating increases, so does the damage. It is important to keep upgrading a weapon if you wish to continue using it via the Salvage Matrix.

Maximum EGO Rating

EGO Rating Cap

The cap on EGO Rating has been re-instated. This means that you cannot earn over 6000 EGO Rating.


Ego Rating Totals

A lot of things can raise your ego rating. Here is a summary of EGO Rating totals by sections:

  • Pursuits
    • Base Pursuits
    • DLCs
    • Removed Pursuits
  • Skills
  • EGO Grid

View total calculation here


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total ego rating currently should be: 5931 (or 5966).
S2 Episodse - 60
Grid - 15
Defiant few - 5

(EGO level 305, which is where you stop gaining XP. 10 EGO per level giving a base ego rating of 3050 with no pursuits)


Had an intersting convo with live chat support. There is no definate answers but there is an issue with calculating ego rating.

10 years ago