Patch 2.200 - Silicon Valley Patch

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Patch 2.200, released on August 5th 2014, introduced the new landmass Silicon Valley and several new main missions.


New Map - Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is found south of San Francisco. The new landmass is instanced and isn't shown on the main map. - Although this will change in a future patch.

At Twin Peaks station (near Overpass) is the Global Transit. It will bring you to the Port Bruno Station.

The new landmass has about the size of Marin.

New Event - Invasions

[image of invasion - to do]

The Grid have taken over Silicon Valley and is on you to get it back. At three locations, converted 99ers will try to take over cores and you have to stop them from doing that.

Once they took over the cores, Evangels will spawn. You need to destroy them to get Silicon Valley back.

New Pursuits

Five new Pursuits which award you titles and a total of 40 EGO points.


New Locations 

New Vendors

New Missions

Season 2: Pilgrims

New Enemies

New Appearance Items

New Vendor Items

New Store Items

  • 7th Legion Bribe 600 bits
  • Chimera Bribe 600 bits
  • Defiant Few Bribe 600 bits
  • Echelon Bribe 600 bits
  • Paradise Bribe 600 bits
  • Soleptor Bribe 600 bits
  • Tarr Family Bribe 600 bits
  • Thorn Liro Bribe 600 bits
  • Top-Notch Bribe 600 bits
  • VBI Bribe 600 bits
  • Corporate Espionage Lockbox 400 bits

New Titles

 New Synergies


New Minor Arkfall

  • Grid minor todo name


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