Patch 2.4 - Aftermath Guide

November 25, 2014 | Etaew | Viewed 7,313 times | Episodes,

A work in progress guide as we discover the new contents of the patch together.

The aftermath patch includes:

  • 7 new Missions,
  • New Store Items,
  • New Settings
  • Updated Mechanics
  • Quick Menu Changes
  • Item Status Icons
  • Lockbox Changes
  • New Reputation Lock Boxes
  • New ways to acquire Mods
  • Several new Pursuits

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7 new missions, including three instanced missions, which challenge ark hunters to overcome the villainous Melak Vor, the assassin Nujekpe, and the nefarious machinations of LOCI. Do you have what it takes to stop the Arkrise?

Possession: Bach to Square One


  • Find Von Bach
  • Explore the arkfall
  • Meet up with Von Bach
  • Retrieve bionetic material (3)
  • Give bionetic material to Eren
  • Defend Von Bach and Eren
  • Leave the arkfall

Possession: Missing in Action


Possession: A Voice in the Dark


Possession: Defiant Pursuit


Possession: Beneath Two Stars



Store Items

Arkforge boosts are now available in the store and are a part of the Paradise Patron Pass. Additionally, we will start hosting bonus arkforge weekends shortly.


Players now have the ability to set a filter in the Settings->Gameplay menu that control when weapons, mods and shields are auto-salvaged when looted.

A second filter has also been created to control what happens to similar items when the player's inventory is full.


Triggered effects now display names or effects when triggered. You may toggle this feature on the Settings->Gameplay menu with “Show Effect Names”.

Quick Menu Options

Emotes and Callouts are now available in the Quick Menu!

Item Status Icons

Added Cannot Trade, Cannot Sell and Encrypted icons for items (replacing the text, which overlapped)

 Encrypted - cannot be upgraded, receives 5% bonus to damage

 Untradeable - cannot trade with other players

 Unsellable - cannot be sold to a vendor


When opening a lockbox, you now receive pop-up notifications for each item that goes into your claim items!

Updated the names of the T2 Lock Box, T3 Lock Box, and T4 Lock Box to Recruit Lock Box, Expert Lock Box, and Elite Lock Box respectively.

Tarr Family Vendor

Tarr Family Vendor now supplies Lock Boxes and Weapon Mod Boxes from Soleptor, Top Notch, and VBI.

Mod Drops

Common, Uncommon, and Rare Weapon mods can now drop from enemies and event rewards.

Pacifica Temple Conflict Site

Pacifica Temple is under attack! Can you thwart the invaders at this deadly new Conflict Site?

New Ambient Creature

The Turkey has been added as an ambient creature for the Thanksgiving Event.

New Pursuits

10 new Pursuits, worth 90 EGO Rating have been added focusing on Season 2 and Silicon Valley Incursions.

The EGO Cap remains unchanged at 5900.

Locations and EGO Ratings

  • Season Two
    • Silicon Valley
      • Undermining the 99ers (5)
      • Undermining the 99ers II (15)
      • Plundering the Pilgrims (5)
      • Plundering the Pilgrims II (15)
      • Harassing the Hellbugs (5)
      • Harassing the Hellbugs II (15)
      • Conflicted (40)
    • Episodes
      • Possession (15)
      • Aftermath (15)
    • Reputation
      • The Defiant Few II (15)

Pursuit Images


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So 145 More EGO Right?

30 For New Episodes.

115 For things most of us have already done.

Still more ways for EGO is always good.

Couldn't you Thank with an Emote/Callout before?


9 years ago

On the auto-salvage do they mean breakdown? What are the conflicts in Silicon Valley, i could not find anything last night down there except the regular incursions and arkfalls.

9 years ago

Etaew PC-EU - Site Admin

Medic posted:


  • The Defiant Few II (15)

Will this be Retroactive? Alot of people have already done this Many times over.

It doesn't look like it, I took that screenshot from my main and he has definitely completed some.

9 years ago


  • The Defiant Few II (15)

Will this be Retroactive? Alot of people have already done this Many times over.


9 years ago