Public Test Server Guide

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All the information you'll need to access the Public Test Server and to make the most of your time there!

How to access the Public Test Server

  • Open up Glyph and select Defiance.
  • Select PTS in the drop-down menu at the upper right corner of the Glyph window.
  • Patch! (a one-time, full download will occur).
  • Launch!

Copy a character to the Public Test Server

If you want a copy of your live character on the Public Test Server, PM PhantasieTrion with the following (subject of the PM should be "PTS Character Copy"):

  • Platform (PC, XBox or PS3)
  • Server Region (North America or Europe)
  • Live game log-in email (PC) or XBox Live Gamertag or PSN ID
  • Character Name (the one you want copied)
  • What you want the name of the copied character to be on the PTS (optional)
  • Log-in email for PTS (Make sure you have logged in to PTS at least once)

Claim Bonuses on Public Test Server

One time grant of 10.000 Bits


Various other goodies:

After some conversation, Trion agreed it would be a good idea to give PTS testers a bit of a bump to aid in the testing process. This includes one-time grants as well as monthly awards of currency, Reputation, and some goodies. This code will supply you with this grant after you enter it either on the Trionworlds website or in the "Redeem Code" section of the in-game store.



One-time grants:

  • 10,000 Arkforge
  • All 5 DLCs
  • +2 Character slots
  • 1 Biohazard lockbox
  • 1 Powertech lockbox
  • 3 T4 Lockboxes
  • 1 Machinist lockbox
  • 1 Outlaw lockbox
  • 1 Survivalist lockbox
  • 1 Veteran Lockbox
  • 25 +15 slot inventory modules

Recurring monthly grants:

  • 2000 Arkforge
  • 4 Jackpot lockboxes
  • 30 days Patron Pass
  • 300 of each reputation
  • 200,000 Ark Salvage
  • 200,000 Scrip

NOTE: These grants are for the PTS only! You will need to claim everything from the Claim Item section of the store except for the Patron Pass, character slots, and DLC's. These are added automatically.

Be sure to post anything strange in the Public Test Server section of the official forums! Happy testing!!


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RaySummers PC-NA

AndreaLetsom posted:

Have not received latest PTS monthly grants.

 me either - u get yours yet?

9 years ago

AndreaLetsom PC-NA

Have not received latest PTS monthly grants.

9 years ago