Floating Effect Names

January 7, 2015 | | Viewed 10,218 times | Game Mechanics,

An explanation on effect names and the meaning of their colors

Effect names are a new feature that pop up when you trigger perks, weapon bonuses or shield bonuses.

Effect names and color explanation

Currently, once you trigger one of the following effects, you'll get a pop up in different colors.TheCrater was so kind to post an explanation of them:

  • Green: Uncommon tier Spikes and Stims
  • Blue: Rare tier Spikes and Stims
  • Yellow: Perks
  • Green: Synergy bonuses
  • Red: Weapon bonuses (including epic rolls & masteries)
  • Blue: Shield bonuses


How do they look?

Here is a short video once you trigger the Perk "Predardness". Pop-ups generally appear on your character's back and float in the air, they aren't moving with you.


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