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Sol's Prominence Synergy and Crate

June 26, 2015 | Etaew | Viewed 6,718 times | Summer Solstice,

The Sol's Prominence Synergy is available during the Summer Solstice event, and drops on weapons and mods found during Midsummer Mutiny Arkfalls or from the Sol's Prominence Crate.

Sol's Prominence Synergy


Mods synergy, requires a weapon with Sol's Prominence synergy, as well as mods with the synergy.


  1. -10% Accuracy and Recoil
  2. +10% Damage to Shields
  3. +10% Crit Multiplier
  4. Causes enemy shields to explode and electrocute nearby enemies when broken (Cooldown: 15s)


  • Complete Minor and Major Midsummer Mutiny Arkfalls
  • Purchase Sol's Prominence Crate from Defiance Store

Sol's Prominence Crate

The Sol's Prominence Crate is a limited time box from the Defiance Store, only available around the time of the Summer Solstice event.


  • 1 epic or above weapon with the Sol's Prominence synergy
  • 3 mods, rare to legendary (at least 1 epic or better) with the Sol's Prominence synergy
  • Chance at jackpot weapon The Emancipator (Slugger)


  • Jackpot: The Emancipator
    • Fire Rate: 1.9 Mag: 8 Reload: 3.3 Accuracy: 2.2 Bloom: 0
  • Sovereign Assault Rifle
    • Fire Rate: 12 Mag: 45 Reload: 2.4 Crit Mult: 1.6 Bloom: 0.14
  • Sovereign Grenade Launcher
    • Fire Rate: 2.2 Mag: 5 Reload: 2.8 Blast Radius: 4.9
  • Sovereign HP-6 Wolfhound
    • Fire Rate: 6.5 Mag: 12 Reload: 1.7 Crit Mult 5.2x Bloom: 0.31
  • Sovereign LM-43 Thunder
    • Fire Rate: 14 Mag: 120 Reload: 4.8 Crit Mult: 1.2x Bloom: 0.18
  • Sovereign PS-30 Slugger
    • Fire Rate: 1.8 Mag: 10 Reload: 4.2 Accuracy: 2.3 Bloom: 0
  • SovereignSMG
    • Fire Rate: 15.0 Mag: 40 Reload: 1.4 Crit Mult: 1.6 Bloom: 0.11
  • Sovereign SS-2 Ranger
    • Fire Rate: 5.5 Mag: 16 Reload:2.8 Crit Mult: 2.6x Bloom: 1.53

The Emancipator Jackpot


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