Developer Q&A: September 18

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Kiwibird has posted the latest Q&A with the developer team.


Welcome, ark hunters! You’ve asked, we’re answering. We’re back with another action packed Defiance Developer Q&A!

Can you tell us more about the changes coming to rep vendors?

Nothing is set in stone yet at the moment, currently we are looking in to the option of adding a new synergy option to the rep vendors.

Where are we on the Arkbreaker weapons with Supremes? 

Our team has tasks in place to address the inability to upgrade DLC 2 weapons to the Supreme tier, but we do not have a set time frame for when these changes will be implemented.

Can we have more room in message of the day or a separate page to post clan events and commonly asked questions?

We should have a task to address this, it may not be a top priority of the person it is assigned to. We’re going see if we can bump this up if it’s something they can manage quickly without disrupting their current task.

Why are birds heard but never seen in Silicon Valley?

Birds don’t usually love gunfire.

Why are there fireworks still going off at Headlands Transit? They been there since the first Armistice event and have doubled in capacity since the Summer Solstice. Will they ever be removed? 

There are still some fireworks around the map from the original Armistice update that are now permanent. It was something that was tied to Syfy crossover content from a previous season.

Could you increase the group size to 6 for pvp to make full clan games/ events easier to arrange? Or private pvp instances? 

We have no current intentions of supporting a group larger than 4 players. For private PvP instances, we would need to remove some of the loot rewards to prevent larger groups from exploiting that system for the rewards. We would most like not implement private PvP instances anytime soon.

Will there be any other DLC's soon?

We have no plans on further DLC, content updates after the F2P release date are free.

How goes the progress on adding more clothing items to the store/vendors..if any that you can talk about?

We are planning a bundle for Halloween that is similar to the Patriot Pack that was released on Independence Day.

To wrap it up my final question is if any of the established synergies (Assassin, Quartermaster, rolling thunder, etc.) will be updated in the future? 

We’ve fallen behind on updating the in game vendors, much of the feedback was used to make new synergies. Instead of changing how some long existing synergies work we will most likely add new synergy options to Rep vendors, as mentioned earlier nothing is currently set in stone yet.

Clan and Social pursuits pretty much all have one PvP requirement tacked on to them all so unless you PvP you can forget about working on the other 90% of the pursuits. Can we get more non-PvP Clan/Social pursuits to compensate? 

We are planning to adding a few more pursuits so that players can increase their EGO.


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Etaew PC-EU - Site Admin

BonnieSHarrisCastor posted:

IS there anyway you can fix the expos when im playing and work my butt off to clear a place bymyself and a group  comes in and kicks me thats not fair or right please fix

You'll need to direct that at the devs not the fan site. As for expeditions they do need to look at group kicking.

9 years ago

IS there anyway you can fix the expos when im playing and work my butt off to clear a place bymyself and a group  comes in and kicks me thats not fair or right please fix

9 years ago