Developer Q&A: September 25

September 26, 2015 | Etaew | Viewed 2,940 times | Question and Answer,

Kiwibird has posted a Developer Q&A on the forums covering Shrill being bumped to early next year, Hallow Point synergy announcement and more.


Are there any plans, and if so how far off before we see the shrill further implemented in game?

Dates for that are still in discussion, we would love to have it out before the end of the year. However with the holidays coming up we have a few conflicts with other outside companies. We may bump it to early next year.

Will there be different weapons available for the upcoming Hulker Hell Event?

We will have a new synergy called Hallow Point! More information on this will be released soon.

What is being done about the bugs in expos? Enemies unable to be killed impeding your process?

We came across this recently in an Expedition, and we have seen it occur in the main world as well. We are still tracking it down to determine the root cause. For now you can drop a hatchling grenade, its seems to do the trick of killing an enemy stuck at 0 HP. We believe it may be more frequent with different weapon types. If you have any info such as your particular load out and Expedition Tier, enemy type, please send it along to Kiwi and we can investigate further.

Will Silicon Valley's Difficulty-Reward ratio be looked into? 

We have a change that should make it up with the Bug Bash update. That is scheduled for after the upcoming Halloween event.

I'd really appreciate any feedback about when Rashere will definitely determine whether our purples will have the chance to be upgradable to Supremes or not (as it is now).

We’ll have an announcement about this in the near future.

Is something going to be done about the auto extraction from expedition on hellbug hunt? 

We have tracked down one of the majors effects causing the auto extraction during expeditions, specific to water and hellbug archers. If you have extractions not standing in water or with another enemy group please keep sending in your bug reports.

Is it possible to have a new item added to the game called an "encryption breaker"?

We have no current plans to add an Encryption Breaker type item in game.

If we don't see a Season 4, what are the plans for Defiance moving forward?

We are an independent game team and can continue to add content regardless of what the TV team decides to do. That being said the team enjoys the partnership with SyFy and will continue to support the show.

We were told once upon a time that players who have capped at max ego would get a different pay out in place of XP. Is this still happening?

We are looking in to this soon, as part of an evaluation of the difficulty curve and leveling process.

When the rewards update (faction, arena) ever comes around, has there been consideration for a "supreme" Difficulty, similar to round 10/t30 that drop better gear in other parts of the game?

There are no immediate plans to add Supreme weapons to the current arenas.

How is the fix for Hatchling grenades coming along?

Answered on Live stream. We are still working on this internally and it’s a top priority.


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