Season 3 - TV Codes on Defiance Store

October 13, 2015 | Etaew | Viewed 5,775 times | Season 3,

If you missed any of the TV show episode codes and you want to pick up something specific or complete the Season 3 on SyFy pursuit for the outfit unlock, you can now purchase ones you missed on the Defiance Store.

Unfortunately the codes aren't marked as purchased if you have already redeemed them, so make sure to check your pursuit carefully to see which ones you need.

Episode codes are sold for 160 bits, and no end date has been given.


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No puede ser,  yo pense que los habilitarian al ver los episodios (por que todavía están dando la temporada 3)... Nunca me imagine que los venderian 😐😢 que decepción. 😥

9 years ago