"Out of Combat"-Targets

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An explanation as to when targets are considered out of combat

TheCrater posted an explanation as to when targets are considered "out of combat".


 What bonuses are affected by a target being out of combat?

  • (Mastery) Crit % to Out of Combat Targets:  Assault Rifles, LMGs, SMGs, Pistols and Sniper Rifles
  • (Scavenger Synergy) nano effect chance against out-of-combat targets
  • (Ambush Perk) Crit Mult
  • (Predator Perk) nano-effect chance

When is a target considered "In Combat"?

  • When a target has a red enemy indicator above their head (npcs only)
  • When a target appears as a red dot on the minimap (npcs only)
  • When a target has received damage in the last 5 seconds

What does TheCrater have to say?

 There are 2 parts to the concept of "In Combat" for the purposes of these bonuses (for other purposes such as event end-screens and combat music there are other definitions of In Combat):

  1. Each NPC in the game has a list of characters they hate, which can include nearby players and other NPCs from different factions. There are a lot of ways in which hatred can be gained but the most common are (a) being attacked and (b) spreading hatred to neighboring NPCs of the same faction. NPCs can forgive and forget their hate for someone based on distance, extraction, etc. Target selection for NPC AI is based partly on who is the most hated by the NPC. If an NPC is attempting to attack either a player or another NPC then they hate the target and are considered to be In Combat. The red dots on the minimap are also an accurate indication of this.
  2. Each time a player or NPC is damaged by someone a 5 second timer starts and the character is considered to be In Combat while that timer is running. Players don't have hatred (Defiance has the nicest players :) ) so this is the only "In Combat" consideration for players in PvP.


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