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These page covers a set of useful tips & tricks that are not documented in-game

Have a skill bonus item in your claims section?

  • Keep your weapon and vehicle bonus items until you are at a higher skill. The higher your weapon level is, the harder is to get another, so the +1 bonus gives more later on.

Extra storage for 7 days

  • If you buy lockboxes or mod caches with full inventory the items you buy will go to "claim items" section without taking place in your inventory. The same applies to mission, challenges and activities rewards from Arkfalls, Co-op missions and so on. 

Finding a challenge difficult?

  • Perks and weapon bonuses apply also to challenges. If a challenge is too hard for you or you want to have a higher score, choose your perks wisely and train your weapons. The same applies to vehicles, so you get a nice bonuses to time trials when you level up your runner!

Want to get to hard to reach places?

  • Speed bonuses, especially the one that comes from BLUR, are handy if you want to go to hard to reach places if you wanna jump a long distance.
  • Also you can have some success with using decoy and swapping places with it by pressing the ability button again

Make sure you are carrying max ammo

  • Be sure to use ammo cache when both the weapons you carry are fully loaded - that way you can carry an additional magazine loaded inside your weapon!
  • Always reload your weapon before using the ammo cache, if you have no ammo use the ammo cache, reload then use it again


  • Crouching and crouch-walking improves your accuracy, while walking and jumping reduces it.
  • Walking while crouching does not reduce your accuracy at all.
  • Pay attention to your cursor size. The bigger the size, the bigger the shot spread is (lower accuracy). Try to keep your enemy sillouhette inside your cursor to make sure each projectile will hit it successfully.


  • You can guide your rocket by holding right mouse button while in cerberus's passanger seat. 


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