Tips for improving XP and Score gains for the New Arkhunter

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Tips and tricks for the New Arkhunters in gaining higher scores in Arkfalls, Incursions, and conflict sites.

Welcome to the new frontier Arkhunter! My name is Bahamut3 or Holy Bahamut3 on the forums. I will be your guide to achieving that higher score in those Arkfalls, Incursions, and conflict sites.  You may have noticed by now that from time to time, another player will show up and turn your fiery stick of death into a pea shooter. That is called Threat level and can be seen in the top left corner of your screen, just right of your shield bar.



When other Arkhunters are in your vicinity, it will go up and thus the enemy's will become more resilient. It is important to understand this, because your tactics will have to drastically change when you are no longer dropping enemies like the Pow Shtako they are. You may have noticed the sky darkened while you were rolling to that next main mission, or that the mini map is covered in a red haze. As your EGO alerted you, This is an Arkfall and its time to earn some Scrip! If you are the first one on scene, then blast those bugs back to their namesake! Once you see that TL jump up, you should start moving, as staying put will get you knocked down quickly.The next thing you should remember is to STOP focusing your fire on one enemy. Now that your gun is a glorified peashooter you want to spread your fire over as many enemies as possible. This will grant you Score rewards for each enemy dropped by others. This helps a lot when you are joined by high EGO characters at Arkfalls, Incursions, and Conflict Sites.

Now that you know the Tactics, let me give you some weapons tips, so you can take advantage of large events like Arkfalls and Incursions when a lot of people are there. The weapons you should keep handy for these will really improve your score, which also improves your XP gains. The first weapon you should keep an eye out for is an automatic Infector. The Infector is the least frowned upon weapon for Score boosting because it has no bright visuals that interfere with other people's play. The other weapon is the BMG this is slightly better than the infector for score boosting, but may get you some hate mail due to the bright visuals that interfere with people you heal. The benefit from healing is you get credit for all of the enemies the person you heal, kills. This is also true for planting a Defensive spike. I tell you all of this, Arkhunter, so that you can make informed decisions about your game play.

Now that you know the tactics and the most beneficial weapons, I'm going to tell you where to avoid these tactics. Arkbreaks (the arkfalls that players call down) AKA Warmaster. These tactics are not to be used in Warmaster. That particular Instance has its own set of guidelines that are outlined in multiple threads across DD and the Defiance Forums. Please do a little research if you plan to participate and not be labeled a noob or Troll. The last piece of advice I have for you, Arkhunter, is find a good clan. Having a good clan will improve your experience and make some of those impossible pursuits possible. Plus It improves your learning curve greatly.


Now time for a shameless plug. If you are braving the frontier on PC/NA, try out Cronus- we are very active and a fun group to kill stuff with. We only ask that you treat people with respect in chat and in game, and that you abstain from using Cloak in PvP.


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tatsumaki PC-NA

Thanks a lot for the great guide! I actually *am* trying out Cronus, too btw. Nice to know a guildie, former or current, is a published author! xP

6 years ago