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Good afternoon, Arkhunters

At 5:30 CST this afternoon we will be conducting some backend maintenance which may cause players to disconnect from our servers. Please note that you will be able to log back in immediately after being disconnected, if you are disconnected at all.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you all for you patience!

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12 Quick Defiance Commandments

August 15, 2015 | | Viewed 3,484 times | Tips,

Here are quick tips to get the most important basics of Defiance - leveling up, PvP, DLC, WM, wise use of bits, nano tips, and more

What you need to know to level up quickly, do good in PvP, and save your resources...

  1. Do story missions asap, then fill in your pursuits asap (meaning... don't rely on XP alone when leveling your EGO)
  2. Daily / weekly contracts open at EGO 145 - do them, well... daily as soon as you can
  3. Use "rollers" instead of "quads" in the open world (for leveling purpose)... until you max its level (quads level up naturally at time trials)
  4. PvP is one end game, but start as soon as you're 1k EGO
  5. Doing WarMaster gives insane XP (get a WolfHound and a good SMG, fire if possible, as standard WM weapons)
  6. Use "good blue" weapons to grow with your EGO (as fillers when you outgrow OJ's that are too low EGO to practically level up with AF) - I used mine, even in PvP, 'till 4k-5k EGO 
  7. In PvP, have a long range weapon, and a short range one (Double tap snipers, like SS2 Ranger or Turtle Dove + Blast Rifle is popular in today's meta)
  8. Join a good clan (they have bonus boosts and have items circulating around, plus they it's the best way to shorten your learning curve)
  9. The best use for bits is "inventory slots" (my opinion)
  10. Best DLC is Arktech because of the "nano perks" and daily "Chimera" missions (for Cerulean Cores... and this is also only my opinion)
  11. For PvP, meta nano are Radiation and Bio
  12. For PvP, high capacity shield is the way to go - get an Ironclad or Rhino
  13. BONUS - I invite you to my youtube channel (direct url - www.daily420.tk - which is, in my opinion, the 2nd best Defiance related channel - trollollollollol, next to "Combo65" hehehe... but again, that's just an opinion)


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