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How to go about increasing Ark Forge gains.

August 15, 2015 | | Viewed 3,850 times | Tips,

How to go about increasing Ark Forge gains through being a Patron Pass Owner and having access to the DLCs.

So new players are always asking me "how do I get more Ark Forge?" and the answer is you really cant go about "getting" more Ark Forge other then what you do now. And that's grinding events and co-op maps. And grinding events and co-ops give minuscule amounts.

But there are ways to increase Ark Forge gains from events that grant them that's not front forward information.

So Ill describe what I have going on my account that gets me Ark Forge so you can evaluate if you would want to apply this to yourself.

Being a Patron Pass owner has many benefits. Not the least of which will grant you a passive +10% boost to Ark Forge gained as long as Patron Pass is active.

Along with that having a DLC will give you daily and weekly reward which also contain amounts of Ark Forge. So for each DLC you own will add Ark Forge amounts to those daily and weekly rewards. And that Patron Pass of +10% boost to Ark Forge gained applies to these rewards as well.

So where I stand with just this in having a Patron Pass and all 5 DLCs I get well over 120 Ark Forge free a week just from these daily and weekly rewards alone.

And speaking of DLCs the Ark Tech Revolution adds to Ark Forge gains as well. Having access to the Chimera Vendor will allow you to cash in Chimera Rep for Ark Forge. Ranging from 10 Rep for 5 Ark Forge. 50 Rep for 25 Ark Forge. And 100 Rep for 50 Ark Forge. So doing an Chimera contract which is an Expert Co-op Instance a day will give you 10 Chimera Rep and 12 if you are a Patron Pass owner do to +20% Faction Rep earned. So over a bit of a weeks time you can save 100 Rep to buy 50 Ark Forge. But don't forget that time spent doing those Expert Co-op will also gain you Ark Forge in increments of 10 to 14 or higher depending on your score and if you are a Patron owner that will add that +10% Ark Forge boost and Score.

So with this I get around 12-14 Ark Forge for every Expert Co-op map that's done once a day which gives me 90 a week on top of my daily and weekly rewards adds up to give me 204 Ark Forge. And if I have enough Chimera Rep Ill cash that in to get 50 more. So that's over 250 Ark Forge a week from things that are naturally done from getting incentives from daily and weekly rewards and doing daily contracts. Along with adding other Open World Events and Ark Forge they reward I can say I get over 300 Ark Forge a week then.

And its all done without needing to grind event after event.

(WARNING: Keep in mind though that to have access to Chimera Faction Rep your character needs to be an Ego Level 5000 to be able to que up on your own to get into a Expert co-op Instance. If you are not Ego Level 5000 you will need a friend who is to group up with to get in.)


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