Quick Tips to Achieve MAX Ego

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3 simple steps to achieve Max Ego quickly.

After playing Defiance for about a year and nearly reaching max ego on a second character I come across a few tips that will help any Arkhunter achieve MAX ego of 6000. Simply going to Arkfalls, Incursions and sieges I found that I capped my experience before even reaching 5000 ego. These steps allowed me to reach 5700 ego before capping my earned experience and shifting my focus to the remaining pursuits. 


First, I recommend starting with your pursuits and Missions in Mt. Tam. To view your pursuits just open to your loadout screen, open your radial menu, select Goals. I also recommend obtaining and using a good Bolt Sniper which I'll explain later. After each mission you will unlock side missions. I recommend doing these as well. There are also cross-content story missions that add to the game and should be done while in each area.

Continue doing this for each area of the map. Remember to use your bolt action sniper as much as possible. You will need those kills for a pursuit later in the game. You will also unlock the various Contracts that you can do daily and weekly for faction vendors. Doing these will earn you reputation that you can use to purchase items and supply crates from. This is a good way to obtain better gear. 


Second, I recommend starting Competitive multiplayer pursuits a bit early in game since some of these pursuits require a lot of time to be invested. Don't worry about dying or losing in pvp since there is no form of tracking that will count against you. 


Finally, I recommend joining a clan. There are a lot of clans in Defiance with fellow Arkhunters willing to help with missions, pursuits, pvp or even general information. Joining one of these clans will not only help you throughout the game but will add to the social experience this game offers. 


Following these three steps will allow you to achieve MAX Ego quickly. I hope they help you as much as they did me. Cheers!






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