How not to be muted in zone chat

August 14, 2015 | AnthonyJoyner | Viewed 2,656 times | Tips,

 This is a simple way to keep friends and not be muted or reported in zone chat.






1. It's cool to joke and be yourself, but being raciest is a fast way to be muted.

2. I get it some time's you get bored or tired waiting on something to do, but just typing random letters or words will also get you muted.

3. Attacking newbies will get you muted we all was new once no need to be a donkey about it.

4. Scamming players or lying on players crying because you can't afford a mod or weapon you want will diffilntly get you muted. We all have ran into scammers or the players that think its cool to make up false statements just to get someone to lower their prices. I say mute them and keep playing.

5. Ok I really guess these are mostly my pet peeves, but just a friendly heads up to all the new players out there. I swear i mute like about 20 people a month lol.

Just my two cents take it or leave it.

Happy hunting Ark Hunters..


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