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[News] Silicon Valley and Encrypted Items

Posted 1 day ago by FungusMentalComments: 1 | Views:221

Alongside the Silicon Valley landmass expansion comes another addition: Encrypted Items.

Read the full article here:

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[News] Community Q&A - July 25

Posted 5 days ago by EtaewComments: 0 | Views:331

There was no developer livestream today, however Kiwibird has posted a selection of answers to community questions over on the forums.

Continue reading to see a copy of those questions and answers.

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[News] F2P Defiance Finally Arrives on Steam

Posted 5 days ago by EtaewComments: 0 | Views:88

The Free to Play version of Defiance has arrived on Steam, 6 weeks after the standalone and Glyph clients were able to access it.

Previously people on Steam were able to download Defiance as a demo, but this stopped working and presented some problems with purchasing DLC on Steam that they were unable to get the Keys for.

There is still no official date on when Defiance goes Free to Play on consoles after the July 15 target date has come and gone.

I am glad that Steam users can finally gain access to the game, as I found it pretty shocking that they had to jump through a number of hoops to gain access to the game. Welcome Steam players!

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[News] EGO Code 6 - Powertech Lock Box

Posted 5 days ago by EtaewComments: 9 | Views:710

Season 2 EGO Code 6 is out, and offers a Powertech Lock Box.

Also check out our List of possible Powertech Outfits and Headgear.

Please visit the Powertech Lock Box page and contribute data on what you found inside.

NOTE: The Defiance website is having issues with people logging in at the moment. Some people are unable to log in to apply the code and others are -  Read News

Code: Powertech

Enter at:

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[News] Warmaster Armor Health Indicators Live

Posted 1 week ago by EtaewComments: 6 | Views:443

In remarkably short time the request from players for an Armor Health Indicator for the Warmaster has become a reality.I love seeing community desired changes worked on.

Source: 2.105 Hotfix Notes

See below for images of the indicator and my experience with them.

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[Question] What do you think of the site search?

Posted 1 week ago by EtaewComments: 2 | Views:99

I'm looking for feedback specifically relating to the site search, at the moment I currently use Google to power the search this has its advantages and disadvantages.

When we launched I provided my own dedicated search system, but this sometimes didn't work for everyone, especially the autocomplete functionality. However I am quite tempted to write the system again.

Are you happy using Google powered search or should I write a new search system?

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[News] Gulanee Arkbreak and New Defiant Few Weekly Contract

Posted 1 week ago by EtaewComments: 3 | Views:1292

As part of the crossover content with the TV show we have a new Minor Arkbreak that has a chance to spawn instead of the standard one.

See below for images of the encounter steps and a transcription of the new audio story with the crossover Defiance reference.

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[Soapbox] Defiant Few Weapons and PvP

Posted 1 week ago by EtaewComments: 3 | Views:874

Like most people, I've left my PvP pursuits until last, and now I'm trying to take it seriously for the first time since launch. After trying several matches of PvP and only racking up a handful of kills, I turn my frustration towards the new weapons. 

Edit: Kiwibird posted that some changes are going to be made to the weapons and PhantasieTrion posted some notes on the PTS for this.

Soapbox is an opinion column. While Defiance Data remains neutral in its coverage, opinions should be voiced. Anyone can write Soapbox articles however only select ones can feature on the front page.

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[News] Community Q&A - July 18 (Part 2)

Posted 2 weeks ago by EtaewComments: 0 | Views:339

Kiwibird has been working hard to clear out more questions from the master list, she's here again with another bunch answered.


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[News] Giveaway Reward Winners

Posted 2 weeks ago by EtaewComments: 16 | Views:405

The first Defiance Data giveaway has ended, and the winners have been drawn. Thank you to everyone who took part in our first Giveaway. We wrote a system to sign up and give away the rewards, and it performed brilliantly.

Congratulations to the 24  people who have won an Extra Life Lockbox (a renamed Tier 4 Lockbox), you can see the list below or check out the Giveaway Page.

Those who won will receive a notification on the top-right of your screen with the code to enter into the account center.

Thoughts after this giveaway:

  • The giveaway duration was probably too long, maybe 3 days instead of 7 would have been a good amount
  • A giveaway really did boost the amount of registrations and interactions on the site, I'd like to do more of them
  • I didn't find out enough about the reward before I offered it, I'll do better next time

How did you guys feel about the signup process, rewards and the event in general?

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