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Season 3 - TV Codes on Defiance Store

5 hours ago Etaew 98 views

If you missed any of the TV show episode codes and you want to pick up something specific or complete the Season 3 on SyFy pursuit for the outfit unlock, you can now purchase ones you missed on the Defiance Store.

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Defiance 3.212 (hotfix) - Hulker Hell

8 hours ago Etaew 191 views

Hulker Hell event returns, with new jackpot weapons and a new synergy Hallow Point. Along with several boxes of new outfits.

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Developer Q&A: October 9

October 11, 2015 Etaew 453 views

Kiwibird brings us a large Q&A this week.

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Forum Integration Outage

October 10, 2015 Etaew 444 views

Our web servers haven't been able to communicate with the Defiance forums over the past few days. This has lead to an outage on several of the functions the site relies on including the Dev Tracker, Forum Overviews, Forum Mention Emails, News Notifications etc.

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Developer Livestream Announcement - October 9

October 8, 2015 Etaew 810 views

Join Creative Lead Carble “LoCarb” Cheung, Associate Producer Matt “Destromathe” Pettit, Andrew “Rarnok” Sheetz, and Community Relations Manager Sarah “Kiwibird” Walters on the Trion Worlds Twitch channel this Friday! We’ll be dealing out more details on our upcoming Hulker Hell event and covering questions that have been drawn from our official forums!

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Weapons and Synergy - Hulker Hell

October 5, 2015 Etaew 2,432 views

Hulker Hell the Defiance Halloween event is coming, we've got a preview of the new jackpot weapons coming with this version of the event.

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Finalists Chosen for PTS Title, Vote Now

October 4, 2015 Etaew 570 views

Kiwibird has created a poll on the official forums with a selection of PTS titles suggested in the previous thread. Vote for which title should be made available to the community who tests on the Public Test Server.

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Developer Q&A: September 25

September 26, 2015 Etaew 935 views

Kiwibird has posted a Developer Q&A on the forums covering Shrill being bumped to early next year, Hallow Point synergy announcement and more.

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Blackened Hellfire Supply Crate Giveaway

September 22, 2015 Etaew 1,743 views

Thanks to Trion Worlds we're giving away 25 Blackened Hellfire Supply Crates from the Defiance Store worth 400 bits. In these crates you can receive Blackened Hellfire weapons and mods with The Purge synergy and one of several jackpot weapons.

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Blackened Hellfire Supply Crates available in Store until October 6

September 22, 2015 Etaew 1,758 views

Blackened Hellfire Supply Crates that contain The Purge Synergy have been boosted and are available in the Defiance Store until October 6. Purchase now for Blackened Hellfire Weapons and unique jackpots.

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Chats all wonky

For these situations, it's really important to note your platform so we can investigate. Appreciate the report, thanks for reaching out! :)

5 days ago

Hallow Point Jackpots

Thanks for the feedback, folks. I'm going to make some tweaks to the guns before the event begins.

Rashere 6 days ago

Defiance Livestream: October 9 at 3:30 PM PDT Join Creative Lead Carble “LoCarb” Cheung, Associate Producer Matt...

CM Kiwibird 6 days ago

Vote Now: Public Test Server Participation Title!

Hey there folks, voting for this will close this Friday at 3:30 PM PDT. :) That's when we'll pick our winner and announce them on our livestream!

CM Kiwibird 6 days ago

Kiwibird can i please get some help!

Really glad you were able to get your character found and restored bella! Not sure what was causing that, but I am glad it got resolved. As a side note, the database is not designed to be able to...

Destromathe 7 days ago



Hulker Hell ends 3 weeks

Extra Life starts 3 weeks

Shrill Missions starts 3 months

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