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Christmas Event - Contracts

An explanation on the contracts of the Christmas Event - Reindeer Map

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Christmas Event

A handy guide for the Christmas Event

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19 hours ago

Defiance in 2014 - A Review

A journey through the year 2014 of Defiance

1 day ago

Happy Holidays from Trion Worlds!

Trion Worlds wishes you happy holidays and hands out a nice present!

2 days ago

Community Q&A: December 19

Kiwibird presents answers to questions including one about the planned inventory improvements

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What are the best infector tipe weapons in game?

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Development and Testing

September 16th PTS Tests

3 months ago by Market.


  • Epic Mod Horde Synergies
  • "Easy as Fila, Kama, Dunya" fix
  • Serenity Academy TL
  • Lockbox Renames
  • Charge Blade Prices

PTS Section Latest Test Review

Jackpot Weapons

See the current Jackpot Weapons available from Tier 4 Lockboxes, as well as a history.

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