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Finalists Chosen for PTS Title, Vote Now

October 4, 2015 Etaew 358 views

Kiwibird has created a poll on the official forums with a selection of PTS titles suggested in the previous thread. Vote for which title should be made available to the community who tests on the Public Test Server.

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Developer Q&A: September 25

September 26, 2015 Etaew 845 views

Kiwibird has posted a Developer Q&A on the forums covering Shrill being bumped to early next year, Hallow Point synergy announcement and more.

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Blackened Hellfire Supply Crate Giveaway

September 22, 2015 Etaew 1,645 views

Thanks to Trion Worlds we're giving away 25 Blackened Hellfire Supply Crates from the Defiance Store worth 400 bits. In these crates you can receive Blackened Hellfire weapons and mods with The Purge synergy and one of several jackpot weapons.

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Blackened Hellfire Supply Crates available in Store until October 6

September 22, 2015 Etaew 1,701 views

Blackened Hellfire Supply Crates that contain The Purge Synergy have been boosted and are available in the Defiance Store until October 6. Purchase now for Blackened Hellfire Weapons and unique jackpots.

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Defiance 3.210 (hotfix)

September 22, 2015 Etaew 427 views

Some stability improvements, jackpot weapon boost and return of Blackened Hellfire crate to the store.

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Developer Livestream on Friday

September 21, 2015 Etaew 725 views

The developers will be hosting a livestream this Friday, they will be discussing the upcoming Hulker Hell event and answering questions from the forums.

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Kiwibird asks for your suggestions on PTS Participation Titles

September 19, 2015 Etaew 611 views

Kiwibird has created a thread on the PTS forum asking for suggestions for titles to award for PTS participation. There was no cut-off date given to this. Please make your suggestions on the thread linked. The contents of the post is copied below.

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Developer Q&A: September 18

September 18, 2015 Etaew 447 views

Kiwibird has posted the latest Q&A with the developer team.

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Omec Shield

September 16, 2015 Etaew 2,259 views

The final part of the Wrath of the Omec synergy is here, it is now available as a jackpot from Premium Elite and Elite lockboxes.

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Defiance 3.209 (hotfix) - Patch Notes

September 15, 2015 Etaew 661 views

This patch adds the Omec Respark Energizer V ARK shield which completes the Wrath of the Omec synergy, you can get this from Elite (T4) lockboxes.

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Kiwibird can i please get some help!

Really glad you were able to get your character found and restored bella! Not sure what was causing that, but I am glad it got resolved. As a side note, the database is not designed to be able to...

7 hours ago

Q&A Gathering Thread: October 9

Hey there folks, I'm closing this thread because questions have been drawn. For this one, please check out this post from Destromathe. :) Thanks for all the questions! This Q&A will be more...

CM Kiwibird 7 hours ago

Official PvP Testing Feedback Thread

Hey all, wanted to give you a heads up! We're going to adjust our schedule to have all official PvP testing on one day. The official time is now 5:00 PM PDT on Thursdays. :) As always, you're...

CM Kiwibird 10 hours ago

PS3 Premium Blackened Hellfire Supply Crate Sale

Hey again folks! Premium Blackened Hellfire Supply Crates will be available in the bit store until the 12th when we begin our Hulker Hell event. Get your fill of the Purge synergy before the Hallow...

CM Kiwibird 10 hours ago

Save Big on Premium Blackened Hellfire Supply Crates until October 4!

Hi all, appreciate the reports. It does look like the PS3 platform did not have the sales apply to their bit stores, but we're going to hold a sale on that platform to make sure everyone has a chance...

CM Kiwibird 12 hours ago



Omec Shield ends 6 days

Hulker Hell starts 3 weeks

Extra Life starts 1 month

Shrill Missions starts 3 months

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