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The Enervator: New From VBI

posted 19 hours ago by Fuzzy and viewed 76 times

Patch 2.506 changed the Jackpot item from the Reckoning to the Enervator

Public Test Server: Defiance 2.6 #4

posted 19 hours ago by Fuzzy and viewed 43 times

Updated Art Assets for the Colony Courtship Event, fix of the Stalker synergy and a scaling fix.

What's New on Defiance Data - January Week #4

posted 2 days ago by Fuzzy and viewed 189 times

We started keeping track of all of our changes in December 2014 in our What's New. We want to inform you weekly about the changes we made to Defiance Data, featuring some of our bigger tasks in a week.

Etaew 19 hours ago

I'm really enjoying the pace of change we're having at the moment with DD, the scale is represented in the What's New page in comparison to other months.

Defiance 2.506 (hotfix)

posted 3 days ago by Fuzzy and viewed 116 times

Introduction of the new jackpot item, the Enervator and some server stability improvements.

Weekly Q&A Collection Thread

posted 4 days ago by Fuzzy and viewed 75 times

Every week, the Devs answer some of the player's questions. We've been posting the Q&As to Defiance Data for a while now.

Valentine's Event: Heartbreaker Synergy

posted 4 days ago by Fuzzy and viewed 316 times

 The Valentine's Event has been on PTS for a bit now. To keep you up to date on what's to come, we will release a series of Articles to inform you on what the Valentine's Event, Colony Courtship will bring.

Public Test Server: Defiance 2.6 #3

posted 4 days ago by Fuzzy and viewed 35 times

New jackpot item, another fix for the Matron and tuning of the Northstar Blaze

Developer Livestream Transcript (January 23)

posted 6 days ago by Etaew and viewed 424 times

Last night Community Manager Scapes and Creative Lead Trick Dempsey hosted the first developer livestream of the new year. They recapped recent changes and talked about some of the upcoming ones ending with a Q&A session.

Elite Lock Box Sale, 50% off until January 25th

posted 7 days ago by Fuzzy and viewed 82 times

Starting today until January 25th, you get 50% off of Elite Lock Boxes in the Store.

Dev Livestream Tonight (January 23)

posted 1 week ago by Etaew and viewed 106 times

Join Creative Lead Trick Dempsey and Senior Community Relations Manager Evan “Scapes” Berman on the Trion Worlds Twitch channel where we’ll be do a recap of what worked and what we learned from recent holiday events and will then preview what we have planned for Valentine’s Day in Defiance. We’ll also be answering your questions about the upcoming new game feature: expeditions!

Etaew 1 week ago

I dislike fluff livestreams, but livestreams showing off new stuff? I can get behind that.

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