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[Guide] Halloween Event

October 29 to November 12 experience Halloween in Defiance with new items and content.

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Defiance Community Q&A: October 24

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Halloween Arkfalls & Hulker Madness!

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Community Q&A: October 17th

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Development and Testing

September 16th PTS Tests

1 month ago by Market.


  • Epic Mod Horde Synergies
  • "Easy as Fila, Kama, Dunya" fix
  • Serenity Academy TL
  • Lockbox Renames
  • Charge Blade Prices

PTS Section Latest Test Review

Jackpot Weapons

See the current Jackpot Weapons available from Tier 4 Lockboxes, as well as a history.

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Community Rewards: Trion Themed Outfits

PhantasieTrion posted 41 minutes ago

Defiance Community, A band of intrepid ark hunters, scouring beneath the arkfall that struck The Rift have unearthed new treasure. They found a trove of information regarding the arrival of the...

10/31/14 - European Server Maintenance (PC, PS3, 360) @ 1 AM GMT

Morgana posted 12 hours ago

Hey all, Since the NA servers took longer than anticipated, we've extended the EU downtime tonight to a total of 4 hours. Thanks!

Morgana posted 5 hours ago

The EU Defiance servers are offline for the maintenance!

Morgana posted 2 hours ago

Hey all, Looks like we'll need another hour or so to finish up the maintenance, bringing our up-time to 6AM GMT. Thanks for understanding!

Extra Life 2014 Fundraiser Rewards!

Morgana posted 5 hours ago

Greetings ark hunters! We just wanted to thank you all again so much for participating in this year's Extra Life. Whether you played, helped raise money, or donated-- everyone at Trion Worlds...

Extra Life Halo Drop Rate Issue

CM Kiwibird posted 7 hours ago

Hey there, we should have a post coming up about this soon.

Questions? This is your thread!

CM Kiwibird posted 11 hours ago

Dropping in to add this real quick! The Warmaster is not a female. Thanks for your questions, everyone! They've been submitted.

CM Kiwibird posted 7 hours ago

That's because Batman is the best.

Blackened Hellfire Lockboxes are not giving at least 1 epic

Rashere posted 11 hours ago

The T4 boxes, and ones based off it, are the only ones that guarantee epics. The description of the Blackened Hellfire box has the details: "Contains 1 rare or better random Blackened Hellfire...

Rashere posted 10 hours ago

Appreciate the feedback. Out of curiosity, would making the weapon epic+ be what you're looking for? The mods are problematic since they top out at epic and there's a box that gives epic mods, but at...

10/30/14 - North American Server Maintenance (PC, PS3, 360) @ 6 AM PDT

Morgana posted 17 hours ago

The NA Defiance servers are now offline for the maintenance.

Morgana posted 16 hours ago

Hey all, Looks like we need a bit more time for the maintenance to complete. As such, the original duration of two hours is being lengthened into three, bringing our new uptime goal to 9 AM PDT....

Morgana posted 14 hours ago

Hey all, as an update, it looks like we need until about 9:30 PDT for the server maintenance to be complete. Thanks for understanding!

Morgana posted 14 hours ago

The Xbox and PS3 Defiance servers are almost ready to be unlocked, but PC needs another 30 minutes or so from this point. I'll update again when unlocks happen!

Morgana posted 14 hours ago

The PS3 and Xbox 360 servers are now back online!

Morgana posted 12 hours ago

And now the NA PC Defiance servers are now unlocked as well. Enjoy!