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September 16th PTS Tests

7 days ago by Market.


  • Epic Mod Horde Synergies
  • "Easy as Fila, Kama, Dunya" fix
  • Serenity Academy TL
  • Lockbox Renames
  • Charge Blade Prices

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VOT Pulser damage ???
Posted 7 hours ago by RAGEFIGHTER

sireously ?? i can bet my VOT pulser had over 2k damage now only 1.6 k damage what trion did again!!! go bether decrease one shot snipers damage xxx...

conflict sites
Posted 22 hours ago by badbat111

does anyone have a list im trying to level the clan up through them i know about the hellbugs at happy pow farms but is there any others ?

1 month Patron question
Posted 25 minutes ago by cmmk03

Hi all, I am newbie in this game, so i have an qustion. If i buy 1 month patron, can i have acces to all dlc? or is just some boost like they...

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