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[Guide] Halloween Event

October 29 to November 12 experience Halloween in Defiance with new items and content.

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Defiance Community Q&A: Halloween Edition!

News posted 3 hours ago by FuzzyComments: 0 | Views:49

Defiance Community Q&A: October 24

News posted 7 days ago by FuzzyComments: 0 | Views:340

Halloween Arkfalls & Hulker Madness!

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Development and Testing

September 16th PTS Tests

1 month ago by Market.


  • Epic Mod Horde Synergies
  • "Easy as Fila, Kama, Dunya" fix
  • Serenity Academy TL
  • Lockbox Renames
  • Charge Blade Prices

PTS Section Latest Test Review

Jackpot Weapons

See the current Jackpot Weapons available from Tier 4 Lockboxes, as well as a history.

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Defiance Community Q&A: Halloween Edition!

CM Kiwibird posted 3 hours ago

Hey there ark hunters! Happy Halloween! Guess what? It's time for more awesome Q&A with the Defiance team! Players believe that the Crimefighter weapons are...

FNC News Bulletin: Do you have Pictures of Team Evil?

PhantasieTrion posted 12 hours ago

Cool pic! --Phantasie

CM Kiwibird posted 8 hours ago

2spooky4me. (I love it! Thanks for sharing, y'all!)

Inventory Hulker Hell Problem

PhantasieTrion posted 9 hours ago

Hi Trick and I just tried this now and had the same problem. Creating a bug for someone to look into it now. Has anyone experienced this for anything besides the halloween events?

Demon Hunter using regular pistol mag rolls instead of blaster?

Rashere posted 11 hours ago

You rang? You're quite right. I pulled rolls from the pistol table instead of the auto pistol table by mistake. Shame I didn't catch this before it went live, but I'll get it fixed ASAP. Demon...

Rashere posted 11 hours ago

It's going to take a little magic to make it work with existing items, but I think its doable and definitely my goal. I suspect it'll take a bit longer to do the retroactive update than to roll out a...

Blackened Hellfire Lockboxes are not giving at least 1 epic

Rashere posted 11 hours ago

You can certainly pull epics and legendaries out of these boxes, it just doesn't guaranteed one like the T4 variants. That's something I've kept special to those high value boxes, but I can see where...

Community Rewards: Trion Themed Outfits

PhantasieTrion posted 22 hours ago

Defiance Community, A band of intrepid ark hunters, scouring beneath the arkfall that struck The Rift have unearthed new treasure. They found a trove of information regarding the arrival of the...

PhantasieTrion posted 12 hours ago

I remember that - I had it on for < 10 seconds to do a quick check, and sure enough, someone is right in front of me when I log in :)

10/31/14 - European Server Maintenance (PC, PS3, 360) @ 1 AM GMT

Morgana posted 23 hours ago

Hey all, Looks like we'll need another hour or so to finish up the maintenance, bringing our up-time to 6AM GMT. Thanks for understanding!