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[Guide] Thanksgiving Event

The Thanksgiving event will run from Wednesday, November 26 to Wednesday, December 10 and offers the chance to obtain pilgrim related outfits and headgear as well as weapons and mods for a new synergy.

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23 hours ago

Halloween Giveaway

Leading up to the Aftermath Patch enter our giveaway for a chance to win a Blackened Hellfire Supply Crate from the Halloween Event.

1 day ago

Aftermath is coming!

Aftermath will be released on the 25th November

1 week ago

Defiance Community Q&A: November 14

Kiwibird presents answers to questions including some about planned holiday events



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I'm after The Halloween Jackpot Items eg Wolfman, Beelzebub etc Any ego (please read more)

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Development and Testing

September 16th PTS Tests

2 months ago by Market.


  • Epic Mod Horde Synergies
  • "Easy as Fila, Kama, Dunya" fix
  • Serenity Academy TL
  • Lockbox Renames
  • Charge Blade Prices

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Jackpot Weapons

See the current Jackpot Weapons available from Tier 4 Lockboxes, as well as a history.

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Has anyone seen this clown?

PhantasieTrion posted 15 hours ago

Yea, agree on the movies. Kinda expected though. Taking the scope of It, for example, was a pretty daunting task (But then I see what they did with GRRM and realize its possible) Also agree on...