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Armistice, Defiance's two year anniversary celebrations feature 4 previous holiday arkfalls.

Dates: Monday, March 30 until Monday, April 20 

Events: Hulker Hell | New Frontier Harvest | Solstice Strike | Colony Courtship

Guides: Contracts | New Weapons


Alcatraz, Defiance's latest patch is coming. It will introduce new instanced end-game activities and gear.

Dates: Unannounced

Database: Cyber Rigs | Cyber Rig Abilities | Cyber Chips

Guides: Alcatraz Island | Expeditions | Hunter Requisitions | Outfits | Pursuits | Self-Revive | Store Boxes


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Community Q&A: March 27

14 hours ago Fuzzy 58 views

Welcome, ark hunters! You’ve asked, we’re answering. We’re back with another action packed Defiance Developer Q&A! Make sure to keep an eye out for the next question collection thread on our official forums next week!

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Holiday Arkfalls - Armistice Event

1 day ago Fuzzy 242 views

From March 30th until April 20th, enjoy all past Holiday Arkfalls with partly new rewards.

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New Weapons - Armistice Event

1 day ago Fuzzy 1290 views

Armistice brings a bunch of new and old, updated weapons.

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4 hours ago Fuzzy

It's an abbreviation for Mark II (two).

51 minutes ago Graywolfe

I love the new CF I am so glad they cut out that annoying green blast now we can use it anytime without causing lag for other players. A simple fix to tone out the FX without changing the overall stats. Now if they could just do that with the BMG.

Contracts - Armistice Event

2 days ago Fuzzy 398 views

A Guide about the upcoming Contracts with the Armistice Event

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1 day ago Medic

Non Tradeable Weekly Presents?!?!? So the only Named Weapons some people get will be the weeklies and if it's something they don't want their stuck with it?  

1 day ago Graywolfe


Public Test Server: Defiance 3.0 - Alcatraz #16

March 26, 2015 Fuzzy 127 views

New Jackpot Weapons in Store Crates, nano converter mods now drop for all nanos and retrieve mods now shows the mod's synergy.

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Massive Armistice Celebration Starts March 30th

March 26, 2015 Fuzzy 655 views

Armistice is coming to Defiance March 30th through to April 20th

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1 day ago Fuzzy

Indeed. You can look at them here. 6 base weapons now.

1 day ago Medic

Well **** that then! From All weapons being able to get the Plate Slicer Synergy to just 6 wonder who's stupid idea that was. Oh wait this is an April Fools right?

Cheating and Hacking in Defiance

March 26, 2015 Fuzzy 406 views

An announcement about steps taking against cheating and hacking in Defiance.

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2 days ago gh0stsurf3r

I must say .... Its Really good - but .... There are Soooo many players Banned, who don't use any Cheats or so too^^ And thats not right^^

17 hours ago gh0stsurf3r


Weekly Q&A Collections Thread

March 23, 2015 Fuzzy 178 views

Kiwibird wants to know your questions for the Devs. Questions will be drawn from the forums thread on the 25th March

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Defiance Developer Q&A: March 23

March 23, 2015 Etaew 238 views

Kiwibird has posted a developer Q&A on the forums, these were taken from the livestream on Friday.

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Introducing Cyber Rigs Database

March 21, 2015 Etaew 497 views

Cyber Rigs are coming with Alcatraz, and now we have a database for you to look at them.

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