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May 9, 2014

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May 1, 2014

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PTS Reveals Weekly Arkforge Cap

17 hours ago Etaew 303 views

Destromathe has revealed a worrying change on the PTS that caps weekly Arkforge gain at 250.


Where do I get contracts?

You can find contracts by going to the "Goals" section of the EGO wheel and click Contracts at the top. These rotate daily and weekly for the different reputations.

2 hours ago

Weapons Gone Missing!!

Hey there, this is an issue that you should contact support for. You can get in contact with our support team at

CM Kiwibird 2 hours ago

New PTS Arkforge Change Coming Soon

This is per character, not account wide. Each character will have their own cap.

Destromathe 4 hours ago

Today's Patch Notes?

Hey there folks, the change to 15 day Patron Passes will not require a patch. A code for an in-game reward will be available at Gamescom and PAX, so we needed to patch to make sure it would be...

CM Kiwibird 5 hours ago

Defiance Patch 3.2 Hotfix #1 To PTS

The jackpot bonus didn't include magazine size or recoil previously.

Rashere 4 hours ago



Good Bye To Forge Runs

Go check out the threads on PTS. This new change is going to make a lot of people leave or mad in general. A cap of 250 a week on forge is a joke and...

24 hours ago

Store Update: Paradise Patron Passes

Ark hunters, An update to Paradise Patron Pass Bit prices is being made on August 6 to bring prices more in line with our Paradise Patron...

CM Kiwibird 2 days ago

Community list of bugs and changes.

So we see threads on bugs every day, and fixes are demanded in every Q&A. This can all be jumbled and confusing to anyone. So I thought it would be a...

Holy Bahamut3 2 days ago

should i buy the game?

im on ps3 and free to play. i get constant disconnections at the worst times and if i go 500m buildings and enemies wont be loaded on the screen...

grosk 11 hours ago

negative bloom effects

So my question is how does negative bloom affect an ar? I have a nice ar that I want to T4 but it already has a negative bloom with a T3 scope on...

Cygnus 12 hours ago



Season 3 is here, each TV episode releases an EGO Code to apply to your account for in-game benefits.

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