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May 9, 2014

Free to Play

May 1, 2014

Nano Effects

March 13, 2014

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Defiance 3.103 (hotfix)

July 29, 2015 Etaew 375 views

This hotfixhas some fixes for cyber rigs, chips, weapons and mods as well as adding a new Synergy Lockbox - Lockstock: Sustained Supression.



Details on surpreme weapons from PTS

The old guns don't have the updated epic options. Different pools. That does lead to an interesting idea, though, to use just the new epic options I created as the supreme tier bonuses for those old...

2 hours ago

Details on surpreme weapons from PTS

That's what I'm working towards. That they're fixed stats is what may potentially allow an upgrade from an old gun to a new version gun since I might be able to swap it to what is basically a whole...

Rashere 2 hours ago


Hey again Vash, can you open these ports? I believe this will help. Defiance ports to open: TCP 80 TCP 443 TCP 50000 TCP 65000 UDP 40000-41000

CM Kiwibird 3 hours ago

Details on surpreme weapons from PTS

If it worked, the goal would be for both a legendary Mk I and a legendary Mk II to become a supreme Mk II.

Rashere 4 hours ago

Details on surpreme weapons from PTS

I'm looking into it. There's two different types of weapons: randomly generated ones and fixed stat guns. The randomly generated ones under the old roll system simply don't support going to supreme....

Rashere 4 hours ago



Score Nerf

We noticed.

24 hours ago

patch size

The patch seems pretty big for what little they listed. What else is in it?

JOCCO5150 2 days ago

How about a "Move to claims" option for inventory?

We've been asking for over 2 years for an in-game option to move inventory between toons. Being that the claim system is already in place, wouldnt a...

Crack 1 day ago

Anyone know how to turn down ego's volume?

Anyone know how to turn her down a notch or two? I've adjusted all volume levels but master and she's still like 10x louder than any gunfire,...

Mrdr 17 hours ago

FCN News Bulletin: Defiance Data Fashionista Fun !

FCN News Bulletin: Defiance Data Fashionista Fun ! Belle Starr: Starr Gazers, Frontier Corporation News and I, Belle Starr, your humble...

Belle Starr 2 days ago



Season 3 is here, each TV episode releases an EGO Code to apply to your account for in-game benefits.

Elite Lockbox Jackpot:  Warmonger

Lockstock: Sustained Suppression Crate Lockstock

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