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September 16th PTS Tests

6 days ago by Market.


  • Epic Mod Horde Synergies
  • "Easy as Fila, Kama, Dunya" fix
  • Serenity Academy TL
  • Lockbox Renames
  • Charge Blade Prices

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question's for dev Q&A 9/22/14
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1. What if anything is being done to resolve the constant DC issues in the game? last night I tried playing from 7 pm to 10 pm CST and had over 15...

Did a sadomassochist design this game?
Posted 12 minutes ago by Chocolatelover67

Seriously? Replaying the main story for the third time and up to "Rosa's New Toy." I hated this one from the moment I first played it before the...

Turn down reduce visual effects on screen
Posted 22 hours ago by Wilhelm Keitel

Some of thes things are really more intense then they need to be especially when you get a large number of people in an area. The BMG< The Smelters...

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