Armistice Day ends 2 days from now

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Armistice, Defiance's two year anniversary celebrations feature 4 previous holiday arkfalls.

Dates: Monday, March 30 until Monday, April 20 

Code: Livestream Code - Custom Assault Rifle

Events: Hulker Hell | New Frontier Harvest | Solstice Strike | Colony Courtship

Guides: Summary | Contracts | New Weapons | Holiday Arkfalls


Alcatraz, Defiance's latest patch is coming. It will introduce new instanced end-game activities and gear.

Dates: April 14th - 9am PDT/5PM BST/6PM CEST - 6 Hour downtime

Database: Cyber Rigs | Cyber Rig Abilities | Cyber Chips

Guides: Summary | Alcatraz Island | Expeditions | Hunter Requisitions | Outfits | Pursuits | Self-Revive | Store Boxes | Additions to the Patron Pass | New Inventory Features | EGO Cap | Arkbreaker Mk II Weapons

Trailer: Alcatraz Trailer


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Developer Interview - The Crater

4 hours ago Fuzzy 163 views

In our fifth Developer Interview we're talking to the engineer TheCrater, who's mostly operating out of the shadows but still has a watchful eye over the forums.

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Defiance 3.002 (hotfix)

1 day ago Fuzzy 408 views

PS3, PC & Xbox 360 Date:
NA: 4/16/15 @ 4:30 PM PDT
EU: 4/16/15 @ 11:30 PM GMT

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Defiance 3.001 (hotfix)

April 15, 2015 Fuzzy 1,684 views

PS3, PC & Xbox 360 Date:
NA: 4/15/15 @ 2:00 AM PDT
EU: 4/15/15 @ 3:00 AM GMT

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Defiance 3.0: Alcatraz

April 14, 2015 Fuzzy 1,758 views

Release Date:
NA: 4/14/15 @ 9 AM PDT
EU: 4/14/15 @ 4 PM GMT

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Free Alcatraz Starter Kit & Alcatraz Trailer

April 14, 2015 Fuzzy 3,554 views

As mentioned by Rarnok yesterday, we will all receive a free Alcatraz Starter Kit.

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4 days ago STARKILLER2121

I redeemed the code but it wont work i have my account linked      

New Frontier Colony Solstice Hell! - Frontier Corporation News Bulletin with Belle Starr

April 14, 2015 Belle Starr 783 views

Hi Starr-gazers! Frontier Corporation News, a subsidiary of Von Bach Industries, and I, your intrepid reporter, Belle Starr are proud to announce that we are now syndicating the FCN News Bulletin!

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Alcatraz Guide

April 13, 2015 Fuzzy 5,300 views

With Alcatraz, a lot of new features, bug fixes and new things get introduced. This is a place to collect all the things we've covered in the past.

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New Guide - EGO Caps

April 12, 2015 Fuzzy 1,290 views

With Alcatraz, the ego Cap will be raised by 100 EGO and is now 6.000.

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New Inventory Features - Alcatraz Guide

April 12, 2015 Fuzzy 4,633 views

There are two new inventory improvements coming out with Alcatraz.

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Additions to the Patron Pass - Alcatraz Guide

April 11, 2015 Fuzzy 2,794 views

Alcatraz introduces new boosts as addition to the Patron Pass

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1 week ago Graywolfe

Well I will have to see about getting a pass just for the ammo boost if nothing else. :)

1 week ago Fuzzy

Reason I got mine! lol The ammo boost on PTS is soooo nice... Even only the PP boost. There are other store boosts you can buy still, but the PP boost is awesome enough already.

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