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Alcatraz Starter Kit - Alcatraz Guide

33 minutes ago Fuzzy 10 views

A new starter kit in the store to get started on Alcatraz

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Public Test Server: Defiance 3.0 - Alcatraz #8

19 hours ago Fuzzy 121 views

Fix for the most common expediton server crashes

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Public Test Server: Defiance 3.0 - Alcatraz #7

2 days ago Fuzzy 268 views

Scaling adjustments, loot increase in Expeditions and other additions and fixes to Alcatraz

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Public Test Server: Defiance 3.0 - Alcatraz #6

3 days ago Fuzzy 213 views

Improvements to NPCs in expeditions, Rig Vendor is now active and other fixes to Alcatraz

Tagged with PTS, Alcatraz,

3 days ago NegativeCreep

I just can't wait to see/play this Alcatraz content for myself. Thanks for the info, DD!

Defiance Week in Review (Feb 16 - Feb 22)

5 days ago Fuzzy 275 views

What has been happening in Defiance this week? From patches to PTS from the blog to the forum we'll try to keep you updated.

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What's New on Defiance Data - February Week #2 & #3

5 days ago Fuzzy 197 views

Changes made to Defiance Data in the second and third February Week

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Public Test Server: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

5 days ago Fuzzy 223 views

Answering some of the most frequent questions about the PTS.

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[Expired] Trick's Farewell Giveaway

7 days ago Fuzzy 1603 views

A code available for a limited time only, a last farewell gift from Trick

Tagged with Developers,

5 days ago Fuzzy

I don't think you will be able to get this again =/ It was a one time thing. Trick won't leave Defiance twice :(

5 days ago OMERTA

but if it was only a trick that he left and then the code was tricked out, or is that a trick question? I think this trick is without the treat for me :/

2 New Outfits Discovered on PTS Client

1 week ago Etaew 495 views

While running our Model Viewer update tools on the PTS files we discovered 2 new outfits. Referred to as future_01 and future_02_t1.

Tagged with Model Viewer,

7 days ago Etaew

First is pleasant looking on female models and the second is a red Flash outfit.

6 days ago ovnoglavi

Uh, uh! The second feature looks awesome! And, correct me if I'm mistaken, the first feature has defiant few colors and a shoulder pad like recon "uniform"... Anyway, both outfits are quite cool! thanks for the info guy

Defiance 2.603 (hotfix)

1 week ago Fuzzy 154 views

Fix for weapons that were missing their legendary roll

Tagged with Patch,

1 week ago gtfoandrew

this patch did not affect items that were sitting in claims though. my orange detonator still is missing its roll.

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