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Community Q&A - August 22

Kiwibird presents the latest set of answers from the developers to questions asked by the community.

News posted 7 hours ago by EtaewComments: 0 | Views:71

Proposed Updated Lock Box Weapon Lists

Article posted 8 hours ago by EtaewComments: 0 | Views:96

Rashere introduces himself and talks about future changes

Rashere a new Defiance developer has made a post on the official forums introducing himself and outlining some of the upcoming plans.

News posted 9 hours ago by EtaewComments: 0 | Views:64

EGO Code 10 and 11 - Personal Boost Grab Bag and Armchair Ark Hunter title

In last nights double feature of the Defiance TV show there were 2 EGO Codes to claim. One rewarding a 2-Hour Personal Omniboost and another rewarding an Armchair Ark Hunter title.

News posted 22 hours ago by EtaewComments: 4 | Views:955

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Dev Posts in the last 24 hours

Upcoming Changes on PTS

PhantasieTrion 14 hours ago

FYI: Since there are various factors which determine which changes we can take from PTS and move them to live, there will be times (like today) where we take some, but not all, of the changes....

PhantasieTrion 6 hours ago

Hi Everyone As mentioned by Rashere in this thread, some of the improvements he is making to Defiance are ready to go on PTS, along with some other changes. And these changes are on PTS so we can...

Rashere 5 hours ago

I'm doing it in batches. I started with the Lock Boxes since I had to make other changes there anyway and that's as far as I got before the patch to PTS. It'll be another day or two before I can wrap...

Rashere 2 hours ago

Yep! Rashere

Undesireable Lockbox Weapons

Rashere 12 hours ago

As I mentioned in my introductory post, I'm looking for feedback on the list of weapons that players feel are largely undesirable. The reason for that is two-fold: 1) I want to re-tune those...

Rashere 12 hours ago

They'll keep dropping in-game. I'm just temporarily pulling them from bit store boxes. Primarily, the lock boxes, but if they're in other boxes, from those as well. Rashere

Rashere 8 hours ago

How you buy the boxes is irrelevant, actually. They're the same box either way. It's just easier to reference the list as the ones that are in the Lock Boxes section of the bit store. If you use keys...

Rashere 8 hours ago

Sure. The only weapons I'm looking to remove are ones that you would never want. With that criteria in place, even a small drop chance is too much because someone is gonna feel bad when it happens....

Rashere 6 hours ago

Correct. I'm just making them stop dropping from lock boxes for now. It doesn't affect anything already in the world and doesn't affect their ability to drop in-game. Rashere

Rashere 6 hours ago

Just an FYI: my changes from the initial list are up on PTS now so I want to be perfectly clear: I plan to change the list based on this feedback before it goes live. What's there right now is just a...

Introduction and an Update

Rashere 14 hours ago

Hello everybody! I wanted to pop in here and introduce myself and talk a bit about some changes we’re making that should find their way to PTS soon. First things first, my name is Travis...

Rashere 12 hours ago

Great feedback everyone. Since I think we'll see a lot of debate on what weapons should or shouldn't be on that list, I set up a new thread specifically for that. Please post your comments there so...

Rashere 9 hours ago

Every day for 5 years. I consider Curt a good friend. He's an amazing man and I count myself lucky to have been able to work so closely with him.

Rashere 9 hours ago

I started down that path, but it quickly got extremely complicated so I just stuck with the basic list for now. If there are particular variants of a weapon you'd like to call out, please do so. ...

PhantasieTrion 6 hours ago

Agreed! I still have all the original, well worn, Icewind Dale, Dark Elf, etc books that, back in highschool, solidified my love for RPG's. I still read them every few months. Maybe thats what I'll...

Invasions and Conflict targets now show up in HUD

LoCarb 7 hours ago

Just a heads up I made a quick last minute update that will show a icon in the minimap and the HUD for the Secreters and the Evangels. There was also a fix for some guys spawning and not going...

Community Q&A: August 22nd

CM Kiwibird 7 hours ago

It's Friday once again! Do you know what that means, ark hunters? It means it's time for more awesome Q&A with the Defiance team! When can we expect the...

Maintenance de Serveur 23.8.2014 5:00 AM CEST

Morgana 9 hours ago

Maintenance de Serveur 23.8.2014 5:00 AM CEST Nous allons fermer les serveurs de jeu eà 5 heures CEST en ce 23 août 2014 pour mettre en place de nouveaux correctifs. Cela ne devrait pas prendre...

Server Wartung 23.8.2014 5:00 AM MESZ

Morgana 9 hours ago

Server Wartung 23.8.2014 5:00 AM MESZ Wir werden die Spieleserver für Wartungsarbeiten am 23.8.2014 5:00 AM MESZ herunterfahren, um einige Updates aufzuspielen. Wir gehen davon aus, dass die...

8/23/14 - EU Server Update (PC, PS3, 360) @ 3:00 AM GMT

Morgana 9 hours ago

8/23/14 - EU Server Update (PC, PS3, 360) @ 3:00 AM GMT Ark hunters, During the EU Defiance servers' normal nightly restarts, at 3:00 AM GMT on 8/23/14, we will be deploying Defiance 2.206 to...

Why is the Lab Coat bundle twice the price of buying them separately?

Rarnok 12 hours ago

Hey everyone, The pricing oddity on the bundle was an oversight due to the current outfit/headgear sale we are running this weekend. Thanks for pointing it out. The discount was applied to all...

Artificial server stress

PhantasieTrion 14 hours ago

Hi BlackTalons All good points. We have ways to do this on internal servers (and do), but there are some infrastructure limitations that mean our internal environments are not the same as our...

8/22/14 - NA Server Update (PC, PS3, 360) @ 9:30 AM PDT

Morgana 23 hours ago

Ark hunters, The NA Defiance servers across all platforms (PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360) will be unavailable tomorrow at 9:30 AM PDT for a server update to Patch 2.206. Once offline, the...

Morgana 13 hours ago

The NA Defiance servers are now offline for the update.

Morgana 13 hours ago

The NA servers are now back online!

video setting unable to save

DeadGhost 15 hours ago

Great work there, Snib! I'll see if I can get someone from the Glyph team to check it out.

A couple of questions.

DeadGhost 15 hours ago

Hey bilifred, sorry to hear about the issues you're experiencing. As for number one, I'm not exactly sure what's happening. My best guess is that it's some kind of caching issue with the version...

Defiance 2.206 (hotfix) - Patch Notes

Morgana 23 hours ago

Defiance 2.206 (hotfix) - Patch Notes PS3, PC & Xbox 360 Date: NA: at 8/22/14 @ 9:30 AM PDT EU: To Be Announced <B>GENERAL FIXES</b> * Fixed some of the lag issues by implementing a...

Live Chat Support for Active Patrons and Recent Purchases

Scapes 23 hours ago

Ark hunters, As part of Defiance’s transition to free-to-play across PC, PlayStation 3, and soon on Xbox 360, we are adjusting access to our live chat support channel. Starting Wednesday, August...

25% Off Outfits and Headgear!

Scapes 23 hours ago Get futuristically fetching for less this weekend with 25% off Outfits and Headgear (on top of our recent...


Scapes 23 hours ago

We have a build designed to address the bad lag players have been experiencing this week in the works, aiming to have it drop tomorrow morning barring any holds.

Two episodes, one code

Scapes 23 hours ago

Saw the same, the intent was for each episode to air a different EGO code. The missing one is HUNTER. Seeing about applying it to all accounts to compensate for it not being aired.

Scapes 23 hours ago

The Glyph code entry is geared for 4x5 codes (five sets of four alphanumeric characters), hence the added hyphen.

Armchair Arkhunter

Scapes 23 hours ago

Or we cooked it up months ago in time for airing deadlines, thinking it was a clever bridge between Defiance show fans and Defiance game fans.

[Issue] Accidentally deleted a character...

GM Hummingbird 11 hours ago

I totally understand, and I like your suggestion! The Devs do check the forums for feedback, but you can also submit your feedback in-game as well. :o

Cant get passed the patch screen

GM Hummingbird 11 hours ago

Here are some steps that might help with that! If you're still having trouble getting past that screen, contact us through Live Chat so we can get that resolved as quickly as possible!

Silicon Valley Technical Difficulties is having Technical Difficulties

GM Hummingbird 11 hours ago

Thanks for filing a bug report for this! The info will definitely help our Developers look into the issue.

need help can not update game on 360 with out crashing

GM Hummingbird 11 hours ago

Have you tried these troubleshooting steps yet? If those steps don't help, contact support via live chat so they can get this sorted out for you!