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[Guide] Extra Life 2014 Guide

Posted 4 days ago by EtaewComments: 1 | Views:1086

Saturday, October 25 for 24 hours fight new arkfalls to obtain a selection of new weapons, shields and  a chance at a Halo headgear, all for charity.

  • 1 new Minor Arkfall
  • 11 new Weapons
  • 2 new Shields
  • 1 new Headgear

DD's Extra Life Giveaway: Enter for a chance to win various editions of the game.

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Defiance Community Q&A: October 24

News posted 9 hours ago by FuzzyComments: 0 | Views:56

Halloween Arkfalls & Hulker Madness!

News posted 6 days ago by FuzzyComments: 0 | Views:1136

Community Q&A: October 17th

News posted 6 days ago by FuzzyComments: 0 | Views:210

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Extra Life 2014 Guide

Guide posted 4 days ago by EtaewComments: 1 | Views:1086

Development and Testing

September 16th PTS Tests

1 month ago by Market.


  • Epic Mod Horde Synergies
  • "Easy as Fila, Kama, Dunya" fix
  • Serenity Academy TL
  • Lockbox Renames
  • Charge Blade Prices

PTS Section Latest Test Review

Jackpot Weapons

See the current Jackpot Weapons available from Tier 4 Lockboxes, as well as a history.

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Dev Posts in last 24 hours

::sigh:: Just when the DEFI team was starting to appear semi-professional.

PhantasieTrion 4 hours ago

I checked with Customer Service, and the chat with our Network Operations Center and both confirmed that the usual messaging went out in advance last night. I'll look into a bit more why you...

Glyph has encountered an error...

GM Fasti 15 hours ago

I believe this is an account-specific error, and once I know it is working for 3183beowulf, we can try those same steps for others to confirm it gets others squared away.

Character Deleted

CM Kiwibird 18 hours ago

You can! Just submit a ticket, they should restore the character for you. It may take a while because of the high ticket volumes, but our GMs are working very hard to help everyone as quickly as...

PhantasieTrion 16 hours ago

FYI: The upcoming patch, Aftermath, also adds a secondary confirmation box when you delete a character - you need to actually type in DELETE to confirm. Hopefully this will prevent accidents! ...

I'm sorry for my joke

PhantasieTrion 16 hours ago

I think the issue is: you've got a CM who - well after hours and just flown in from another state to promote an event - makes a post to try and have some fun, and it's immediately met with sarcasm. ...

Knock Knock: Post Your BEST Defiance-Themed Jokes Here!

CM Kiwibird 18 hours ago

The title says it all, folks! What's your best? I know we've got Castithans hanging around here, but do we have some comedians lurking around too? :o Lurk no more, this is your thread.

A thank you to Extra Life players

CM Kiwibird 18 hours ago

It was so very nice to meet you, Nofreemilk! Thank you so much for the picture from Genevieve, and I'm glad she's enjoying the Hellbugs! I took that picture and the poster around the office, showed...

Defiance Community Q&A: October 24

CM Kiwibird 18 hours ago

Hey there ark hunters! Are you ready for this weekend? The entire community team will be streaming for Extra Life! No time for more talk of that now, though! Why, you say? Because it's time for more...

Defiance Patch 2.300 - Reload

Rashere 22 hours ago

Reload times if you're not reloading many shots, I could see being less than a second. A full clip reload would work like anything else and I believe almost all detonators have a 3 second reload time...

Rashere 20 hours ago

Good news: I tracked down the discrepancies and made fixes which will go to PTS next time we update, likely some time this weekend. Two major changes: 1) I reduced the min reload cap from 1 second...

Rashere 19 hours ago

I'll certainly take a closer look, but I'm loath to change it since they've always worked that way. There's a lot of weight and expectation behind precedence. Any existing balance, gameplay...

PTS Clans (and Character Copy) - Can potentially fix

PhantasieTrion 20 hours ago

Hi Everyone There was a bug with the character copy where, on the destination character only, the Clan would become corrupted. It would show you as a clan of "WWWWWW" (which really just means the...

Defiance Patch 2.400: Aftermath is now on PTS (and UNLOCKED!)

PhantasieTrion 20 hours ago

PTS is being quickly right now to disable Extra Life events, and re-enable the Halloween events.

Can a DEV/ PTS player confirm this?

PhantasieTrion 24 hours ago

Yes, this is the intended cost (in part because we want to provide incentive to trade). Disclaimer: As with most things the price may change in the future, but we dont have any plans to right...