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Draw Your 2050 Arkhunter - Art Contest

August 1, 2018 | Etaew | Viewed 2,145 times |

To celebrate the launch of Defiance 2050, we're hosting an art contest. Draw your arkhunter in 2050 for a chance at some of the goodies provided by Trion.


  • Draw your arkhunter from Defiance 2050 either traditionally or digitally
  • Submit to the Defiance Data Gallery selecting the contest Draw Your 2050 Arkhunter

Please note that we would like you to make some minimum effort in created images, and so we can't accept any entries with stick figures, or photoshop quality. All work must be your own.


  • Wednesday, August 1, 2018 to Saturday, September 1, 2018


Winners will be selected by the Defiance Data team, and will be judged on art quality and effort made, all art must be your own work, you cannot use screenshots or work from the internet. Traditional as well as digital art is accepted.


Can you beat my attempt?


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Solpandora ()

yea the photoshop comment threw me off too because youn can create original and even photo quality original art in photoshop ,you know,

3 days ago

Tyrant (PC-EU)

I dont understand this (and so we can't accept any entries with stick figures, or photoshop quality.)

Does this mean that I can't use Photoshop to draw? or that I can't use edited images?

1 week ago

Etaew (PC-EU) 1 week ago

You need to create the image yourself, you cannot edit screenshots.

Tyrant (PC-EU) 1 week ago

Thank you, I was scared. I don't speak very good English and had been drawing in PS for about 5 hours before I read that. xD