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November 15, 2018 | Etaew | Viewed 592 times | Announcement,

Arkhunters. I am Tidbitz, your new Community Manager. Long story short i'll be an additional point of contact between the team and you all. Among other tasks, I'll also look into the forums, hence, this introduction.


Before we go on, please know that i just started checking the Defiance games so please bear with me until i catch up to you all. Rest assured that i am quite the fast learner when it comes to video games and i'm certain i'll be up to speed in no time.

Few words about me:

  • I play games on almost all platforms and from a variety of genres but i love me some console adventure games or PC shooters.
  • Sounds cliche but i love music! My song haven is: Gorillaz, Jamiroquai and Childish Gambino.
  • Movies are great but nothing beats the 80's classics.
  • DnD is a guilty pleasure and i rarely but greatly enjoy it.
  • I speak english, french and spanish but i prefer to stick with english.
  • I'm 27 but look (way too) younger.

Now, i'm sure we'll get along just fine but i do hope that i will reach your expectations and i count on you all to show me the ropes around here.

With that said, if you have any question, don't hesitate to ask. I'll do my best to answer.




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dfloid (PC-EU)

Bienvenido al equipo.

Sin que sirva de precedente, te hago esta consulta en español solo para preguntarte si hay previsto algun adelanto para la comunidad de usuarios que habla en español, ya que muchos no tienen el ingles tan arraigado como puedan tenerlo el resto de europeos, por nuestra idiosincracia, cultura o escasa necesidad de uso.

Por ejemplo el paso mas facil seria abrir un apartado en el foro en español, ya que abrir secciones en un foro no requiere ningun esfuerzo y ya en un futuro plantearse la opcion de tener el juego disponible en español.

Somos muchos los usuarios que hablamos español y me consta que muchos usuarios dejan el juego porque les cuesta comprender la dinamica del juego y no tienen ningun tipo de soporte en nuestra lengua.

Se que preferis los tickets en Ingles, pero este comentario por ser de este tema especifico he preferido hacerlo en español, solo es un caso puntual.

Gracias por tu atencion y tu tiempo, suerte.

8 months ago

Matthew sprinkle (PS3-NA)

Keep classic defiance I play on for 5 year almost 6 year  on disk lunach  in april 2013  i saw all season defiance tv show play game at same time  please keep classic defiance on ps3 

8 months ago

Matthew sprinkle (PS3-NA)

Welcome  to team 

8 months ago

Bryan Gates (PC-NA)

Welcome to the team! As a player, I'm happy to have you, and I'm sure I'm not alone! Like other players, I'm sure, I'm placing my hopes and trust in you and the rest of the Defiance and 2050 team to continue improving what has the potential to become a huge success and revolutionary game. Whoever first thought of combining the genres of MMORPG and FPS was a genius. Happy holidays, happy hunting and thanks in advance for everything! :)


8 months ago

Jesusis Charlis (PS3-NA)

are you only going to do defiance 2050 or also included classic deiance. the classic defiance store still not fix. what about trions black friday sales, does it include classic defiance?is classic defiance left out in the cold.    thank you, bye

8 months ago