Shields have changed in Defiance 2050, there are now 3 health types to consider. Hit Points (red), Armor (yellow) and Shields (white).

The types of shields have bonuses in these three areas, and so you will need to pick a shield type that matches your playstyle, or the enemy you are facing.

It is worth noting that Incendiary effects will be more effective against health, Electrical effects will be more effective against shields and Corrosive is more effective against armor. Look out for the icons above enemies to determine their damage types. Read More


Shields that have these words in front of their name offer the following additional bonuses, bonuses are increased based on the rarity of the item, Uncommon (green), Rare (blue) and Epic (purple).

Prefix Bonus Uncommon Rare Epic
Amplified +% Shield Capacity 7% 14% (23%)
Fortified +% Max Health 7%  14% (23%)
Hardened +% Armor Durability 7% 14% 23%
Invigorated +% Health Regen 7% 14% 23%
Reinforced -s Armor Repair Delay 0.5s 1s 1.5s
Stabilized +% Shield Recharge Rate 2.2% 5% 8.6%

Shields Types

The shield values can be improved based on the items Power Rating.

Information provided thanks to ATTEE PC-EU

Shield Type Health Armor Shields
Ironclad Armor 0% 100% 0%
Rebel Health 100% 0% 0%
Respark Shield / Health 37.5% 0% 62.5%
Rhino Armor / Health 37.5% 62.5% 0%
Tachyon Shield (0%) (0%) 100%


Under a shields image and descripion is a list of bonuses that the shield provides, not all bonuses will be displayed on a shield, it will depend on the type. Below is an explanation of the terms:

  • Capacity - how much damage the Shield can absorb
  • Recharge/Sec - how much of the Shield is recharged per second after a short duration of not taking damage
  • Recharge Delay - the amount of seconds before a shield can recharge
  • Hit Points - additional health points provided to the player
  • Durability - how much damage the Armor can absorb
  • Repair Delay - the amount of seconds before Armor is fully repaired


Bonuses and values on shields are determined by their Power Rating. There is no way to increase a shields Power Rating so you will have to loot new shields, or buy from vendors as you increase your own Power Rating.


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