Ark Hunters,

We're investigating the recent unexpected downtime for the PS3 EU version of the original Defiance. The team is working to get this resolved as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

Update 2:30PM UTC: The issue is now fixed!

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Good evening, Arkhunters.

Downtime has been scheduled for 1/20/2019 @ 08:00am PT/ 10:00am CT / 04:00pm UTC, for D13 PC-US/EU ONLY. Downtime will be for 1 hour.

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Absorption Shield

Class: crusader

EGO Power

Activate a shield that absorbs all incoming damage for 5s or until it breaks. When the shield expires it explodes, dealing a portion of the damage absorbed to nearby enemies (Cooldown: 30s)

Tier: 5

Required Points: 16

1: Damage Reflected: 25%

2: Damage Reflected: 35%

3: Damage Reflected: 45%

4: Damage Reflected: 55%



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